Welcome to the home page of the Defenders of Order.  After about twelve years, we have built a reputation as one of the best PvP guilds in online gaming. With an unblemished history of honorable play, we have done battle in virtually every major MMORPG release during that time.  We’re the second oldest continuously anti-rpk guild in the world – and even today, when that matters less and less in most games, the random killers of pvp games past remember us. And tremble.

We combine a close-knit team structure with a tenacity unsurpassed in online gaming.  In the past, we have bested enemies so strong that no one believed we could overcome them – but we did, because our faith in each other and in what we fight for was strong enough to bring us to victory.  We have a Code of behavior which has governed our actions for nearly a decade across dozens of games.

We’re the Defenders of Order.  We stand by each other in Honor, Courage, and Loyalty.  Always.


Server Assignments Made for SWTOR

Defenders of Order made the pre-entry, thanks to our folks who preordered. We’ve been assigned to the server “Rubat Crystal”, which is not too bad – those are crystals which are used in light saber construction.

Could have been much worse, anyway. Some real “winners” on the server list include “Odacer-Faustin Academy” (how do you say that, anyway?), “Guun Han Saresh” (huh?), Space Slug (ewwww! memorable, though!), and G0-T0 (doesn’t roll off the tongue, precisely).

I don’t have hard data on the server yet. We’ll stay tuned. Initial word implies Rubat Crystal might be a West Coast US PvE server, which makes no sense at all (we requested East Coast RP).

Absolute worst case though, we’ll just grab a new server when the game opens, if we don’t like where they’ve placed us.



It is a brand new day.


For quite some time now, the Defenders have been a one-game guild, with out total focus on Eve Online. The Eve chapter is doing superbly, and is busy being absolutely magnificent out there, battling pirates and staying true to the Defender ideal.

However, in our drive to hold to our pvp roots, we pushed too hard against all games that lacked full pvp. It’s time to face facts: most major games in the future are not going to be full pvp games. Most of them are going to be theme park style MMORPGs. But in the process of trying so hard to bolster the Eve effort, we left a number of other players feeling left out.

It was a mistake.

And we’re correcting it, here and now. The Defenders of Order are rising again. We’re returning back to what we were – a multigame guild, with fingers and toes dipped into whatever seems to interest us all the most. We will stay true to our Code: but we will see if there is a place for that code in the new games, where “anti-rpk” and “rpk” seem to be quaint notions from history books, and factional warfare is the new PvP norm.

The Eve chapter will continue; they have built their own website, and while they will continue using our guild name (and are welcome to come play in our other chapters as well!), they are quite able to take care of themselves now. I’m very proud of what they have accomplished, and continue to accomplish, in that game. Don’t be strangers, guys!

Justice Incarnate has also hived off the guild, during this long period. I’m very proud of them, as well. That a group would go out and found something new, that is SO MUCH like the old Defenders that only the name seems different, is remarkable. I wish all the JI members the absolute best. And by the way, my wife says your guild name rocks. ;)

For the rest of us? This is something old, and something new. The Defenders are returning to what we once were. Some new faces will stand among the leadership, and some very old ones as well. We welcome back old members who drifted away during the Eve period. We are stepping into Star Wars: The Old Republic this month.

Please swing by the new forums – link in the tabs right under the big image on this page. The old forums will remain active for as long as Salus maintains them, and I have a link to them in the sidebar. Welcome back, if you’ve been away!

Eve News: Rules of Engagement

We are Defenders Of Order, our Code is more important than our lives or our possessions. If at the end of the day we stand victorious, but have sold our honor to do so, we will have lost all.

For additional information about our Code, please see our website.

Our roots run deep. Through the many ages of many worlds, we have upheld the Code. We have seen good friends leave our ranks, we have huddled in the cold with nothing more than our weapons, and there have been times when even our weapons were in short supply. Our predecessors have seen our lands and cities scorched to the ground around us, rather than bend the code. We honor the memory of those who lost much, and seek to not dishonor them. We have seen people turn against the code, and become corrupted by the thrill of the kill. We have watched in sadness as they sold their honor piece by piece. Trading their honor to worship the kill.

We walk among the stars, immortal, with great power. Worlds can be bent to serve us, and extend our power. Near absolute power, corrupts near absolutely. All around us we see corruption, hatred, greed, and many capsuleers have given up their humanity. We remember our forefathers and seek to honor their memories. We may fly cities between the stars. We no longer look our enemies in the eyes over cold steel and hot blood, but we will not forget our roots. We will look our enemies in the eyes, and not flinch, for we remember we are human, and we remember what humanity is.

We remember that we are here to guard humanity, and help shepherd it into the future. It is not here to serve our whims, we serve it in a way that it may never thank us for. We are the guards that stand at the edge of the herd. We love those we guard, and understand fully those who we fight. In them we see an empty mirror of what we would be without the Code. We may trade our lives, but we will not trade our honor.

Our rules of engagement are as follows:

1. We attack only those who have given us reason to do so. We understand that some areas are disputed territory, and we will vary our response level accordingly. Wormholes are disputed territory.
2. We will fight all battles to the fullest of our abilities.
3. We despise those who kill only for the sport, and where possible will take on those who do so.

Our response levels depend on the individual involved, their corp, location, and previous experiences with the individual or corporations.

Wormhole territory is hostile territory. We understand that wormholes are disputed by all, and will treat unknowns in a wormhole as hostile. Where possible we will provide notification we are in a wormhole. However, we understand that small wormhole groups may not find this practical. For corporation WH events with sufficient numbers we will jettison a can with notification of being in there, and the fact we would consider other presences in the system as hostile.

For wormhole that we claim on a longterm basis, we will provide notification that it is occupied, and presence without permission of us, or another resident corporation will regarded as a hostile act. Since wormholes are hostile territory we will regard presence in a wormhole we are occupying as a hostile act.

When communications allow it (low-sec, null-sec), we will not fire upon neutrals. However, if you fire on one of us, we may consider your corporation as no longer neutral, and take appropriate actions in the future. Fool us once, shame on you, attempt to fool us twice, and we shall go down fighting. If a corp or alliance has a reputation for being hostile, we will take that into consideration. If a player, corp, or alliance assists a pirate corporation, including remote repairing, or other logistical support, they will be considered hostile.

We do not negotiate or pay ransom to pirates. Our knowledge of pre-capsule history includes knowledge of the Barbary Coast Pirates. We do not negotiate or fund pirates without a fight.

We recognize that many capsuleers and corporations have adopted variations of the old Terra “Jolly Roger”. If a corporation logo includes a skull, or crossed bones, we may consider them hostile without further warning.

In summary, we will attack when there is reason to do so, we don’t attack at random. If any capsuleer complains about being attacked unjustly, they should be referred to the diplomacy officer.

Forum Update

The temp forums are looking less temp and more critical to our ongoing gaming. With no news about when the old forums will be returned, we now have internal-access forums for our Darkfall Chapter and our Allods unofficial chapter. A lot is going on in the forums – among other things, we’re discussing potential future games, and taking a good look at The Old Republic MMO as a potential future chapter game.

Members – if you’re not hooked in to the forums yet, please do so ASAP. It’s really important that we have all our members here with access. To get member access, first register then PM me (Owyn) on our forums with the password written in the sidebar of our main TS channel. If you can’t get into TS, PM me to let me know that and we’ll work out another way to obtain a positive ID.

Right now, I think only about a third of the active guild is on the new forums. We need the rest of you in there as well – come join us!

Darkfall Chapter Update

Our Darkfall Online chapter officially opened a bit over a month ago; we’ve been remiss with our updates here! Our clan is progressing nicely.  The world of Agon is a dark and turbulent world full of violence and chaos.  A perfect setting for the Defenders of Order and our Code of Honor, Courage, and Loyalty.  A Code that some citizens of Agon say is desperately needed and yearned for by many new to Darkfall.

We have allied ourselves with our old friends from Shadowbane – Knights of Glory and Beer (KGB) – and hope to assist them in their battles. We are making good friends as well as enemies who are so filled with Evil there is no redemption.

If you would like to find out more about the Defenders of Order in Darkfall please contact us in game or on the forums: Hondel OfHill (Lorax), Saul Asgard or Preston FateForger.

(Penned by Preston FateForger, June 17th 2010.)

New (temp) forums are in place

Check the sidebar out! Click the “Forums” link (not the “Defender Forums(inactive)” link) to get to them. You’ll need to register an account with the website to get access there; these forums are linked directly to the website database, so accounts are shared. Read the General forum there – I’ve posted more information on how to get access to the private forums.

Forum troubles!

The forums are currently down.  We’re working to try to figure out what the trouble is.  If they remain down for much longer, I’ll get a temporary forum set up for our use.  Sorry about the inconvenience!  Look here for more updates.


Aion Update: Twenty Days In

So it’s been about twenty days since we first had access to Aion. We’ve (long since) reached Rank 3 as a guild, and are in fact ranking an alt guild for alt characters. We’ve got a number of people above level 30, and most of the guild is in the Abyss regularly at this point.

We’re still striving to continue our push into higher ranks as a guild. It’s going to be a hard struggle – there are some larger and faster leveling guilds out there who are pushing hard themselves! But we’ve begun doing guild-level pvp runs, and should get better after each one.

We’re sitting at about 42 members right now, so we are still open to recruiting a few good people. As I’ve said elsewhere – we’re about recruiting the person, not the character. So any class is OK (we have a good balance right now). Any level is OK. We’re looking for good people who will be good team-mates next week, next month, and next year, not a quick fix bandaid for a raid group.

Interested? Come have a chat with us, or fill out an application.

Ingame Contact Name Change

So that folks know – I swapped out the L16 chanter I had started for a templar (variety of reasons, largest that in pvp a live guildleader is a good guildleader). His name is Owynn – note the extra N – so folks trying to contact me should look for that name. Got him up to 19 and guilded today.

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